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The most important marriage tips and advice is to like your spouse unconditionally. Marriages aren’t easy. There are good days and nights and negative days. An effective way to stop burnout is usually to focus on favorable parts of your relationship. In this way, you will make your relationship less complicated and closer to one […]

Manifesting a relationship may be possible, but you must believe in the task and have faith in your goals. You must establish clear intentions and think positively to be able to attract the romance of your dreams. You should write down your wishes and priorities make them ahead of the Universe. Manifesting a relationship requires […]

If you want to take care of a healthy media channels relationship, here are a few useful recommendations. First of all, keep your contacts updated. Simply because news fails and reporters move on to different projects, you can’t count on the information seen in media repository searches. If you can’t find the contact information you […]

The most obvious initially date thought is to get out for refreshments. This is the most safe guarantee for most people, but you can be more adventurous type and try an activity that piques your interest. You can even try something completely different like climbing a rock wall membrane! The more ambitious you feel, […]

Jako partner a sponzor regionální kola jsme měli čest zúčastnit se  soutěže KOVO JUNIOR 2022 – Strojní mechanik, která je zařazená do soutěže „České ručičky“. Pořadatelem regionálního kola byla Střední škola polytechnická Havířov-Šumbark, příspěvková organizace. Gratulujeme všem soutěžícím za projevené teoretické znalosti a praktické dovednosti a děkujeme porotě, že výsledky zhodnotila. Těšíme se na další setkání a […]